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Distributed Leadership
Stories of leadership successes follow a familiar structure: A charismatic leader, often the CEO or school principal, takes over a struggling school, establishing new goals and expectations andExpand
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Towards a theory of leadership practice: a distributed perspective
School‐level conditions and school leadership, in particular, are key issues in efforts to change instruction. While new organizational structures and new leadership roles matter to instructionalExpand
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Policy Implementation and Cognition: Reframing and Refocusing Implementation Research
Education policy faces a familiar public policy challenge: Local implementation is difficult. In this article we develop a cognitive framework to characterize sense-making in the implementationExpand
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Investigating School Leadership Practice: A Distributed Perspective
actions, and interactions of school leadership as they unfold together in the daily life of schools. The research program involves in-depth observations and interviews with formal and informalExpand
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External reform initiatives and teachers' efforts to reconstruct their practice: The mediating role of teachers' zones of enactment
This paper considers the interplay of teachers' capacity and will to reconstruct their mathematics practice with teachers' incentives and opportunities to learn as these are mobilized by the schoolExpand
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Distributed leadership through the looking glass
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Cognition and Policy Implementation: District Policymakers and the Reform of Mathematics Education
Using a cognitive lens, this article explores school districts' response to recent mathematics reforms. Analyzing the ideas about instruction that district leaders construct from the mathematicsExpand
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Standards Deviation: How Schools Misunderstand Education Policy
Acknowledgments 1. Making Education Policy Here, There, and Everywhere 2. Doing Standards: Content and Context 3. Interactive Policymaking 4. Making Policy, Making Sense 5. Resources for Sense-MakingExpand
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Managing in the Middle: School Leaders and the Enactment of Accountability Policy
This article investigates how mid-level managers make sense of and mediate district accountability policy. Arguing that teachers’evolving perceptions and understanding of accountability policies areExpand
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Reconstructing Conceptions of Local Capacity: The Local Education Agency’s Capacity for Ambitious Instructional Reform
In this article, the authors argue that the notion of local capacity needs to be rethought in light of the extraordinary demands for learning imposed on local educators by the current wave ofExpand
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