James P. Williams

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A robust and efficient method for the segmentation of vessel cross-sections in contrast enhanced CT and MR images is presented. The primary innovation of the technique is the boundary propagation by mean shift analysis combined with a smoothness constraint. Consequently, the robustness of the mean shift to noise is enhanced by the use of apriori information(More)
We present a novel feature-based non-rigid image registration algorithm using a small number of automatically extracted points and their associated local salient region features. Our automatic registration is a hybrid approach co-optimizing point-based and image-based terms. Motivated by the paradigm of the TPS-RPM algorithm [6], we develop the RHDM (Robust(More)
In HIV-1 infection, a population of latently infected cells facilitates viral persistence despite antiretroviral therapy (ART). With the aim of identifying individuals in whom ART might induce a period of viraemic control on stopping therapy, we hypothesised that quantification of the pool of latently infected cells in primary HIV-1 infection (PHI) would(More)
Methods for the analysis of images of the same scene taken under three different lighting conditions are illustrated. A technique that separates the effects of geometry and surface coloration/texture in this " tri-luminal " environment is developed and experimental results are shown. Exploiting this technique to isolate geometric information, two methods(More)
This paper shows how to construct a rational Bezier model of a swept surface that interpolates N frames (i.e., N position/orientation pairs) of a fixed rational space curve c(s) and maintains the shape of the curve at all intermediate points of the sweep. Thus, the surface models an exact sweep of the curve, consistent with the given data. The primary(More)