James P. M. Syvitski

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Sedflux 2.0 is the newest version of the Sedflux basin-filling model. Sedflux 2.0 provides a framework within which individual process-response models of disparate time and space resolutions communicate with one another to deliver multigrain-sized sediment load across a continental margin. Version 2.0 introduces a series of new process models, and the(More)
HydroTrend v.3.0 is a climate-driven hydrological water balance and transport model that simulates water discharge and sediment load at a river outlet, by incorporating drainage basin properties (river networks, hypsometry, relief, reservoirs) together with biophysical parameters (temperature, precipitation, evapo-transpiration, and glacier(More)
Keywords: Sediment flux Water discharge Suspended sediment WBMplus BQART Global transport model FrAMES a b s t r a c t Quantifying continental sediment flux is a fundamental goal of earth-system science. Ongoing measurements of riverine-suspended sediment fluxes to the oceans are limited (o 10% of rivers) and intrabasin measurements are even scarcer.(More)
csdms, The Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System , is an NSF funded project whose focus is to aid a diverse community of earth and ocean system model users and developers to use and create robust software quickly. To this end, csdms develops, integrates , archives and disseminates earth-system models and tools to an international (67 country) community(More)
The Reservoir Sedimentation Survey Information System (RESIS) is one of the world's most comprehensive databases of reservoir sedimentation rates, comprising nearly 6000 surveys for 1819 reservoirs across the continental United States. Sediment surveys in the database date from 1904 to 1999, though more than 95% of surveys were entered prior to 1980, making(More)
For over 40 years, scientists have been developing numerical models to help understand and constrain how sedimentary systems are formed (Bonham-focused on the formation of stratigraphy on continental margins. A recent publication provides readers with a generalized summary along with hundreds of references through this interesting period of computational(More)