James P. Ivins

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  • Brian R Von Konsky, Jim Ivins, Susan J Gribble
  • 2009
This paper investigates the impact of web based lecture recordings on learning and attendance at lectures. Student opinions regarding the perceived value of the recordings were evaluated in the context of usage patterns and final marks, and compared with attendance data and student perceptions regarding the usefulness of lectures. The availability of(More)
A theoretical analysis of the recovery of shape from optic flow highlights the importance of the deformation components; however, pure deforming stimuli elicit few responses from flow-sensitive neurons in the medial superior temporal (MST) area of the cerebral cortex. This finding has prompted the conclusion that MST cells are not involved in shape(More)
  • Brian R Von Konsky, Jim Ivins, Susan J Gribble
  • 2006
o Third-year computing students enrolled in a software engineering subject were introduced to the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Code of Ethics in the context of a computing professional's obligation to manage quality, safety and reliability. Following an introductory lecture, case study scenarios were interactively discussed during class. Immediately(More)
  • Brian R Von Konsky, Allan Loh, Mike Robey, Susan J Gribble, Jim Ivins, David Cooper
  • 2005
This paper describes an interactive, web-based tool that provides access to an Outcomes Database for managing an Outcomes Focused curriculum plan. The approach provides a rapid way to involve subject specialists, course controllers, curriculum designers and educational consultants in the curriculum design and review process. The Outcomes Database is used to(More)