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We present new structural classification and parameter estimation results that are applicable to multi-input nonlinear systems. The mathematical relationships between the self- and cross-(Volterra and Wiener) kernels are derived for a basic two-input nonlinear structure (Fig. 1a). These results are then used to develop classification methods for more(More)
PURPOSE A driving simulator was used to examine the relationship between motion perception and driving performance. Although motion perception test scores have been shown to be related to driving safety, it is not clear which combination of tests are the best predictors and whether motion perception training can improve driving performance. METHODS In(More)
INTRODUCTION Although there are numerous studies that demonstrate that color vision deficient (CVD) individuals perform less well than color vision normal (CVN) individuals in tasks that require discrimination or identification of colored stimuli, there remains a need to quantify the relationship between the type and severity of CVD and performance on(More)
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