James P. Early

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Understanding the nature of the information flowing into and out of a system or network is fundamental to determining if there is adherence to a usage policy. Traditional methods of determining traffic type rely on the port label carried in the packet header. This method can fail, however, in the presence of proxy servers that re-map port numbers or host(More)
This paper describes "Computational Thinking for the Sciences", a 3-day summer workshop for high school science and mathematics teachers. Our workshop emphasizes the deep connections between the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science through activities and simulation development appropriate for scientific explorations. Teachers were exposed to(More)
General-purpose operating systems provide a rich computing environment both to the user and the attacker. The declining cost of hardware and the growing security concerns of software necessitate a revalidation of the many assumptions made in network service architectures. Enforcing sound design principles while retaining usability and flexibility is key to(More)
This paper describes a continuing series of summer workshops hosted by Purdue University entitled "Linking Mathematics and Computer Science." Each is designed to inform and inspire high school teachers of mathematics with an interest in computer science. Originally conceived as an extension of our existing K-12 outreach, our workshop aims to provide(More)
Worms continue to be a leading security threat on the In-ternet. This paper analyzes several of the more widespread worms and develops a general life-cycle for them. The life-cycle, from the point of view of the victim host, consists of four stages: target selection, exploitation, infection, and propagation. While not all worms fall into this framework(More)
ii To my mother, Martha Williams, for teaching me to be inquisitive; and to my wife, Catharine, and daughter, Caroline, for their encouragement and unwavering support. iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Although the dissertation is considered the work of a solitary author, many others make contributions to the work in various ways. My case is no exception, and I would(More)
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