James P. Charlton

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The partial specific volume of phospholipid vesicles was determined by the sedimentation velocity method in various concentrations of hydrogen and deuterium oxide mixture. Since the density of D20 is very much greater than the reciprocal of the specific volume of phospholipids, the density of DzO-Hz0 medium corresponding to zero redistribution of(More)
Sensitivity of calcium-selective electrodes heretofore has been limited to calcium concentrations above 10(-8) M in the absence of competing ions. We describe the use of calcium buffers to stabilize the free calcium in the reference electrode. Electrode calibration is linear to 10(-8) M and is curvilinear to 10(-11) M in the presence of 0.1 M ionic(More)
Previous kinetic studies have demonstrated that the activation of cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase by cyclic AMP involves the formation of a ternary complex of cyclic AMP, the regulatory subunit (R) and the catalytic subunit (C). It is suggested that only this ternary complex breaks down to liberate the enzymically active catalytic subunit. We have(More)
Four hemoglobin phenotypes have been detected among domestic goats by zonal electrophoresis. Breeding data indicate that two of these phenotypes represent animals homozygous at relevant structural loci and two represent heterozygotes. Electrophoresis of hemoglobin chains reveals both α- and β-chain variation. The phenotypes are interpreted in terms of(More)