James Ong

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This paper discusses the design and implementation of an <i>abstract data type (ADT) facility</i> which was added to the INGRES database manager. Our implementation of ADTs allows a user to register ADTs and ADT operators with the run-time database manager, declare column values of relations to be instances of ADTs, and formulate queries containing(More)
Learning may ultimately be its own reward, but many companies recognized long ago that learning also is critical to their business success. So they spend billions each year on training. Companies teach their employees internal processes and customer-facing services. They show customers how to operate and maintain their products, and they help their partners(More)
Simple diagnostic or therapeutic procedures can produce tremendous benefits for dizzy patients. To see how new ideas in the laboratory evolve into benefits for patients, an attempt to analyze how the corresponding information is distributed was made. To quantify that flow of information, a number of new scientific publications, citation numbers, and a(More)
Three types of eye movements, saccadic, reading, and pursuit, were recorded from 6 college subjects, two in each by the electrooculographic and photoelectric methods simultaneously. A deviation index (DI), which is the standard deviation divided by the mean, was devised to compare the precision of recording amplitude deflection, and a proportion index (PI),(More)
We propose a new method to measure torsional eye movements from videos taken of the eye. In this method, we track iris features that have been identified as Maximally Stable Volumes. These features, which are stable over time, are dark regions with bright borders that are steep in intensity. The advantage of Maximally Stable Volumes is that they are robust(More)
Intelligent tutoring systems evaluate student performance and provide coaching and feedback during and/or after exercises. Intelligent job aids help users execute procedures by providing step-by-step instructions. These systems use computable task representations that specify appropriate actions at each step. These knowledge representations must be(More)
Teaching students about practical security can be a challenge in laboratories that are, by necessity, isolated from the Internet. We describe some preliminary work to address this problem for the topic of drive-by downloads. A previous system, the Spamulator, allowed students' real, non-contrived code to interact with a simulation of the Internet,(More)
In the study of two-dimensional dynamical systems, one invariably stumbles upon the KAM theorem. More often than not, the results and corollaries of the theorem are quoted, but the theorem itself is not. A full statement of the theorem will often be stated in a form that requires a comprehensive knowledge of nomenclature used in previous sections. This(More)
| Abarbanel and Kennel proved syn-chronisation in a system of two coupled Ikeda ring lasers. In this system, the output of the rst laser fully accounts for the input of the second laser. We generalise this result to similar systems with weaker coupling by the use of Lyapunov functions.
A Beckman Type RM Dynograph was used to record eye movements of 31 college students, 23 of whom had never worn contact lenses and 8 who had worn contact lenses for at least five years and 12 hours a day, while reading equivalent print at a distance of 33 cm. Analysis showed that the deviation indexes of .28 and .26 were comparable, meaning that these two(More)