James Ohene-Djan

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Adaptation/personalization is one of the main issues for web services. Adaptive web applications have the ability to deal with different users’ needs for enhancing usability and comprehension and for dealing with large repositories. Indeed, adaptive web services also often called Adaptive Hypermedia Systems can provide different kinds of information,(More)
In this paper we address the question of whether it is possible to devise a unifying model of adaptive hypermedia (AH) in the form of a standardised ``plug `n' play'' architecture. Such an architecture, we argue, could the form the basis of a measurement indicator for analysing the amount of adaptivity in a hypertext structure, or to compare and contrast(More)
Although the potential benefits of using digital video in educational settings is well researched, little work has been conducted into how video modelling and messaging technologies can be devised and implemented to support teaching in educational settings. Video is generally used as a “passive medium” whereby students watch a video presentation to(More)
This paper addresses the issue of how hyperdocuments, accessible via electronic books (E-books) which are read using the World Wide Web, can be endowed with features that enable the personalisation of the interaction process that takes place between the reader and the E-book itself. We introduce a novel, abstract approach to modelling the personalisation of(More)
Very little research has been carried out in the United Kingdom or other countries on the views and experiences of deaf people on road safety and other aspects of travel. Historically, there has been little specific attention to either the issue of road safety for deaf people or more general travel issues affecting deaf people. Deaf-specific support,(More)
The World Wide Web (WWW) is an increasingly important source of educational material. However, only scant research has been directed towards making this educational information accessible to the deaf. Adaptive Hypermedia (AH) is an area of research that aims to enhance the functionality of hypermedia systems, such as the WWW, by enabling users to(More)