James O'Gorman

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Cost effective lasers meeting the linewidth requirements for coherent communication systems are a key element in reducing the overall cost of future coherent systems. We report on monolithic devices with linewidths as low as 138 kHz which operate in a narrow linewidth, single wavelength mode with high sidemode suppression ratio over a wide temperature(More)
The performance of a cost-effective optical comb source using commercial off the shelf (COTS) components in a WDM passive optical network is demonstrated. Eight comb modes are individually modulated at 10.7 Gb/s and transmitted over 50 km of single mode fiber for downlink transmission. Error free performance is obtained for each comb line and a maximum(More)
We demonstrate two schemes which enable simultaneous phase locking, carrier extraction and frequency shifting for use in stand-alone phase sensitive amplifiers. The schemes provide phase locked pumps at appropriate frequency spacing for a number of non-degenerate PSA configurations.
Return-to-Zero (RZ) and Non-Return-to-Zero (NRZ) Differential Phase Shift Keyed (DPSK) systems require cheap and optimal transmitters for widespread implementation. The authors report on a gain switched Discrete Mode (DM) laser that can be employed as a cost efficient transmitter in a 10.7 Gb/s RZ DPSK system and compare its performance to that of a gain(More)
We demonstrate a compact, robust, and stable terahertz source based on a novel two section digital distributed feedback laser diode and plasmonic photomixer. Terahertz wave generation is achieved through difference frequency generation by pumping the plasmonic photomixer with two output optical beams of the two section digital distributed feedback laser(More)
We present what is to our knowledge the first study of optical bistability in Fabry-Perot laser-diode amplifiers that have asymmetric facet reflectivities. When operated in reflection, the light input-light output characteristics exhibit a transition from counterclockwise to clockwise hysteresis by way of an X-shaped or butterfly hysteresis. This transition(More)
We present a phase locking scheme that enables the demonstration of a practical dual pump degenerate phase sensitive amplifier for 10 Gbit/s non-return to zero amplitude shift keying signals. The scheme makes use of cascaded Mach Zehnder modulators for creating the pump frequencies as well as of injection locking for extracting the signal carrier and(More)
A novel single frequency stabilized Fabry-Perot (SFP) laser diode with an emission wavelength of lambda = 1590 nm for H2S gas sensing is reported. Sculpting of the multi-mode spectral distribution of a FP laser to achieve single frequency emission is carried out using post growth photolitographic processing of the device. The resulting longitudinal-mode(More)