James Nolen

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We describe a projection framework for developing adaptive multiscale methods for computing approximate solutions to elliptic boundary value problems. The framework is consistent with homogenization when there is scale separation. We introduce an adaptive form of the finite element algorithms for solving problems with no clear scale separation. We present(More)
We study the asymptotics of two space dimensional reaction-diffusion front speeds through mean zero space-time periodic shears using both analytical and numerical methods. The analysis hinges on traveling fronts and their estimates based on qualitative properties such as mono-tonicity and a priori integral inequalities. The computation uses an explicit(More)
In this paper, we explain in simple PDE terms a famous result of Bramson about the logarithmic delay of the position of the solutions u(t, x) of Fisher-KPP reaction-diffusion equations in R, with respect to the position of the travelling front with minimal speed. Our proof is based on the comparison of u to the solutions of linearized equations with(More)
We consider solutions to a nonlinear reaction diffusion equation when the reaction term varies randomly with respect to the spatial coordinate. The nonlinearity is either the ignition nonlinear-ity or the bistable nonlinearity, under suitable restrictions on the size of the spatial fluctuations. It is known that the solution develops an interface which(More)
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