James Nguyen

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Ts65Dn mice, a model for Down syndrome, have excessive inhibition in the dentate gyrus, a condition that could compromise synaptic plasticity and mnemonic processing. We show that chronic systemic treatment of these mice with GABAA antagonists at non-epileptic doses causes a persistent post-drug recovery of cognition and long-term potentiation. These(More)
Pdx1 is a homeobox-containing transcription factor that plays a key role in pancreatic development and adult β cell function. In this study, we traced the fate of adult β cells after Pdx1 deletion. As expected, β-cell-specific removal of Pdx1 resulted in severe hyperglycemia within days. Surprisingly, a large fraction of Pdx1-deleted cells rapidly acquired(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Postnatal lung growth and development have primarily been evaluated from a very limited number of autopsied lungs, but it remains unclear whether alveolarization of the lung is complete during infancy and whether the conducting airways grow proportionately. The purpose of this study was to evaluate lung growth and development in(More)
OBJECTIVES Fecal lactoferrin (FL) is a noninvasive biomarker that is elevated in Crohn disease (CD) compared to irritable bowel syndrome. The purpose of this study was to evaluate FL in identifying children with active versus inactive CD. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fresh stool samples were collected from children with CD scheduled for endoscopy or a clinic(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between weight and dementia risk has not been investigated in populations with relatively low body mass index (BMI) such as the Yoruba. This study set out to achieve this objective using a prospective observational design. METHODS The setting was Idikan Ward in Ibadan City, Nigeria. The participants were all aged 65 years or(More)
The development of stable spherical lipid-coated drug particles that are termed 'lipocores' is reported here. Unlike conventional lipid-based particles (i.e. liposomes, emulsions, micelles), these particles are comprised solely of a core of a poorly water soluble drug surrounded by polyethyleneglycol conjugated lipid (PEG-lipid) and are formed via a(More)
This study evaluated different fixation methods in posterior femoral condyle coronal fractures. A standardised osteotomy was created in synthetic composite femurs and fixed with one of four methods (one 3.5 mm diameter screw, two 3.5 mm screws, one 6.5 mm screw, two 6.5 mm screws). The stiffness and mean loads to specified displacements were measured. The(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The rate of readmission to the hospital 30 days after discharge (30-day readmission rate) is used as a quality measure for hospitalized patients, but it has not been studied adequately for patients with advanced liver disease. We investigated the incidence and factors that predict this rate and its relationship with mortality at 90 days.(More)
RATIONALE Early in life, lung growth can occur by alveolarization, an increase in the number of alveoli, as well as expansion. We hypothesized that if lung growth early in life occurred primarily by alveolarization, then the ratio of pulmonary diffusion capacity of carbon monoxide (Dl(CO)) to alveolar volume (V(A)) would remain constant; however, if lung(More)
RATIONALE The clinical pathology describing infants with chronic lung disease of infancy (CLDI) has been limited and obtained primarily from infants with severe lung disease, who either died or required lung biopsy. As lung tissue from clinically stable outpatients is not available, physiological measurements offer the potential to increase our(More)