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Three-thousand, eight-hundred and sixty-eight low-income American Negro boys and girls showed systematic permanent advancement in tooth emergence compared with 5788 low-income boys and girls of European ancestry. Further matched to within $160 per-capita yearly income, the Negro boys and girls evidenced a 0.30 standard deviation emergence advancement of(More)
Filtering methods are used in signal and image restoration to reconstruct an approximation of a signal or image from degraded measurements. Filtering methods rely on computing a singular value decomposition or a spectral factorization of a large structured matrix. The structure of the matrix depends in part on imposed boundary conditions. Anti-reflective(More)
As shown in nearly 10,000 Negro and White boys and girls between 4.5 and 16.5 years of age, poverty-level children (with a n income-to-needs ratio of 1.0) tend to be delayed in permanent tooth emergence as compared with those approximating median per-capita income. For boys, a per-capita income difference of $2200 was associated with a 0.15 standard(More)
The 1,589 low-income adult subjects of primarily African ancestry (American Negroes or “Blacks”) showed systematically less sexual dimorphism in total subperiosteal area (TA), medullary area (MA) and cortical area (CA) than did 4,379 low-income adult subjects of European derivation (“Whites”). These systematic findings have implications both to the sexing(More)
Hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor (HGF/SF) is a fibroblast-derived cytokine whose receptor is encoded by c-met. Activation of c-met promotes tumour cell proliferation, dissociation, invasiveness and angiogenesis. Aberrant expression of HGF/SF or c-met may play a role in tumour progression. HGF/SF and c-met were determined in 73 breast cancers (median(More)