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Analysis of the 2-deoxy-D-glucose-induced vagal stimulation of gastric secretion and gastrin release in dogs using methionine-enkephalin, morphine and naloxone.
Gastric acid and pepsin secreted in 3 hr and antral gastrin released in response to vagal excitation induced by 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2DG), 625 mumol/kg i.v., were studied in six conscious trainedExpand
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Histamine H-2 receptor stimulation and inhibition of pepsin secretion in the dog.
Although low doses of histamine (less than 150 nM/kg.hr) stimulate pepsin secretion, higher doses inhibit pepsin secretion in a dose-dependent manner. To better histamine stimulation of pepsin,Expand
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Gastric and cardiac H-2 receptor effects of dimaprit and N'(Me),5(Me)histamine in conscious dogs.
Two new H-2 agonists 5,N'-dimethyl histamine (DMH), an imidazole analog, and dimaprit, a non-imidazole compound, and histamine (H), a mixed H-1, H-2 agonist, were given to four conscious gastricExpand
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Use of impromidine to define specific histamine H-2 effects on gastric secretion, heart rate and blood pressure in conscious dogs.
Histamine H-2 receptor-mediated effects of the very selective H-2 agonist (H-1:H-2 < 1:1000) impromidine on gastric acid, chloride and pepsin secretion and on heart rate (HR) and systolic bloodExpand
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Heat Recovery Boilers for Process Applications
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Gastric and cardiovascular effects of histamine in the dog
The H-2 receptor stimulation of gastric acid secretion and of heart rate by histamine, a mixed H-1–H-2 agonist, given in 45-min successive step doses 2–150 μg base/kg.h and 4(Me)histamine, (4(Me)H),Expand