James N. Thompson

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In contrast to the common assumption that each new mutant results from a unique, independent mutation event, clusters of identical premeiotic mutant alleles are common. Clusters can produce large numbers of related individuals carrying identical copies of the same new genetic change. By entering the gene pool in multiple copies at one time, clusters can(More)
Haldane stated that there is a cost of natural selection for new beneficial alleles to be substituted over time. Most of this cost, which leads to "genetic deaths," is in the early generations of the substitution process when the new allele is low in frequency. It depends on the initial frequency and dominance value, but not the selection coefficient, of(More)
Many spontaneous mutations are caused by the insertion or excision of DNA elements. Since most mutations are deleterious, evolution should favor a mechanism for genetically controlling the rate of movement of transposable elements in most, if not all, organisms. In Drosophila melanogaster a syndrome of correlated genetic changes, including mutation,(More)
Subarachnoid haemorrhage frequently results in disabling psychological trauma, mental health difficulties and cognitive impairments that can persist beyond the first year of discharge. At Salford Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust a long-term follow up programme using both neuropsychology and specialist nurses identifies patients in need of(More)