James N Rick

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BACKGROUND & AIMS It is important to determine the effects of immunomodulators on the ability of children to remain on infliximab therapy for Crohn's disease (durability of therapy), given the potential benefits and risks of concomitant therapy-especially with thiopurines in male patients. We investigated how immunomodulatory treatment affects the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the presentation, therapeutic management, and long-term outcome of children with very early-onset (VEO) (≤ 5 years of age) inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). STUDY DESIGN Data were obtained from an inception cohort of 1928 children with IBD enrolled in a prospective observational registry at multiple centers in North America. (More)
BACKGROUND Methotrexate (MTX) use as an alternative to thiopurines in the treatment of Crohn's disease (CD) in children is increasing. This study was undertaken to assess safety and efficacy of MTX in children with CD. METHODS Patients treated with MTX with a minimum of 1-year follow-up were identified in the Pediatric IBD Collaborative Research Group(More)
BACKGROUND Inflammatory bowel disease-associated liver diseases (IBD-LDs) include autoimmune hepatitis (AIH), primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), and an overlap syndrome. Prospective unbiased multicenter data regarding the frequency of IBD-LD in patients with pediatric inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are lacking. We examined early alanine(More)
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