James N Kirkwood

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Phenotypic and phylogenetic studies were performed on three strains of Gram-negative, rod-shaped organisms recovered from dead birds of the tit families (blue tit, coal tit and long-tailed tit). Morphological, cultural and biochemical studies indicated that the organisms were related to the family Cardiobacteriaceae in the gamma-subclass of the(More)
It has been repeatedly shown that the heavy metal mercury can induce or exacerbate lupus like autoimmunity in susceptible strains of rats and mice. A hallmark of such autoimmune induction is the accompaniment of an immune shift, in which there is usually an initial skewing toward a Th2-like immune environment. Another heavy metal, lead (Pb), has also been(More)
The range of low-cost methods available to the small producer for dispatching small numbers of poultry is limited. None of the commonly used methods is satisfactory as there are doubts that they fully protect the welfare of the bird. There are humane methods available but they involve some initial capital outlay. Probably the most common method is 'neck(More)
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