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A module has been implemented in Field Pro-grammable Gate Array (FPGA) hardware that scans the content of Internet packets at Gigabit/second rates. All of the packet processing operations are performed using reconfigurable hardware within a single Xilinx Virtex XCV2000E FPGA. A set of layered protocol wrappers is used to parse the headers and payloads of(More)
The security of the Internet can be improved using Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs). A platform has been implemented that actively scans and filters Internet traffic for Internet worms and viruses at multi-Gigabit/second rates using the Field-programmable Port Extender (FPX). Modular components implemented with Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) logic on(More)
This article presents a dense logic design for matching multiple regular expressions with a field programmable gate array (FPGA) at 10+ Gbps. It leverages on the design techniques that enforce the shortest critical path on most FPGA architectures while optimizing the circuit size. The architecture is capable of supporting a maximum throughput of 12.90(More)
—Next generation data processing systems must deal with very high data ingest rates and massive volumes of data. Such conditions are typically encountered in the Intelligence Community (IC) where analysts must search through huge volumes of data in order to gather evidence to support or refute their hypotheses. Their effort is made all the more difficult(More)
Web-based programming exercises are a useful way for students to practice and master essential concepts and techniques presented in introductory programming courses. Although these systems are used fairly widely, we have a limited understanding of how students use these systems, and what can be learned from the data collected by these systems. In this(More)
Hardware assisted intrusion detection systems and content scanning engines are needed to process data at multi-gigabit line rates. These systems, when placed within the core of the Internet, are subject to millions of simultaneous flows, with each flow potentially containing data of interest. Existing IDS systems are not capable of processing millions of(More)
An extensible firewall has been implemented that performs packet filtering, content scanning, and per-flow queuing of Internet packets at Gigabit/second rates. The firewall uses layered protocol wrappers to parse the content of Internet data. Packet payloads are scanned for keywords using parallel regular expression matching circuits. Packet headers are(More)
The search for homologous RNA molecules---sequences of RNA that might behave simiarly due to similarity in their physical (secondary) structure---is currently a computationally intensive task. Moreover, RNA sequences are populating genome databases at a pace unmatched by gains in standard processor performance. While software tools such as Infernal can(More)
Today's crucial information networks are vulnerable to fast-moving attacks by Internet worms and computer viruses. These attacks have the potential to cripple the Internet and compromise the integrity of the data on the end-user machines. Without new types of protection , the Internet remains susceptible to the assault of increasingly aggressive attacks. A(More)