James Moran

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BACKGROUND Recent field research has demonstrated that an attraction to aggressive behavior and cruelty is common among combatants and perpetrators involved in organized violence. The biological basis of this appetitive perception of aggression in humans has to date not been studied. AIMS We examined testosterone as a potential hormonal moderator during(More)
BACKGROUND Traumatic stress leads to functional reorganization in the brain and may trigger an alarm response. However, when the traumatic event produces severe helplessness, the predominant peri-traumatic response may instead be marked by a dissociative shutdown reaction. The neural correlates of this dissociative shutdown were investigated by presenting(More)
Turloughs are groundwater dependent grazed wetlands of conservation importance that occur in limestone depressions in the karst landscape, mostly in the west of Ireland. Data on Carabidae, hydrological regime, soils and management (using grazing exclosures) were collected to assess the effects of both hydrological regime and grazing management on ground(More)
Next generation implantable medical devices will have the potential to provide more precise and effective therapies through adaptive closed-loop controllers that combine sensing and stimulation across larger numbers of electrode channels. A major challenge in the design of such devices is balancing increased functionality and channel counts with the(More)
A fully autonomous intracranial device is built to continually record neural activities in different parts of the brain, process these sampled signals, decode features that correlate to behaviors and neuropsychiatric states, and use these features to deliver brain stimulation in a closed-loop fashion. In this paper, we describe the sampling and stimulation(More)
An implanted neural stimulator with closed loop control requires electrodes for stimulation pulses and recording neuron activity. Our system features arrays of 64 electrodes. Each electrode can be addressed through a cross bar switch, to enable it to be used for stimulation or recording. This electrode switch, a bank of low noise amplifiers with an(More)
Sixty percent of the land surface of the Republic of Ireland is farmland of which up to 12 % is estimated to sustain high species richness. Given that this farmland is predominantly pasture-based, the ecological status of semi-natural grasslands is particularly important for biodiversity. Recent studies indicate that those grasslands with high nature value(More)
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