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Agricultural crop residues play a significant role in nutrient cycling, carbon sequestration, and soil erosion (including wind and water) [1]. Long-term use of conservation tillage can lead to increased soil organic carbon content, improved soil structure and increased aggregation compared with plow-tilled soils [2]. It can also improve infiltration of(More)
A test coupon coated with light calcareous tubeworm fouling was scanned, scaled and reproduced for wind-tunnel testing to determine the equivalent sand grain roughness ks. It was found that this surface had a ks = 0.325 mm, substantially less than the previously reported values for light calcareous fouling. This result was used to predict the drag on a(More)
Kim, Jae Sung. Ph.D., Purdue University, December 2013. The Application and Analysis of Automated Triangulation of Video Imagery by Successive Relative Orientation. Major Professor: Dr. James S. Bethel. The purpose of this thesis is the analysis and evaluation of methods to orient a strip of images using an automated approach. Automatic orientation of(More)
Spatial resolution of cross-wires placed in a turbulent boundary layer is investigated using the DNS channel-flow database of del Álamo et al. [2]. Specifically, various configurations of ∨ and ×-probes are considered and the effects of varying wire length, l+ and the spacing between the center of the two wires, ∆s+, on the measured stream and spanwise(More)
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