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Progress in developing high speed ADC's occurs rather slowly-at a resolution increase of 1.8 bits per decade. This slow progress is mostly caused by the inherent jitter in electronic sampling-currently on the order of 250 femtoseconds in the most advanced CMOS circuitry. Advances in femtosecond lasers and laser stabilization have led to the development of(More)
The nearshore is a critical zone for northeast Pacific Ocean fish communities, including ecologically and culturally important salmon species. The largest dam removal in the world was recently completed on the Elwha River, with the goal of restoring fisheries and ecosystems to the watershed. The nearshore Elwha fish community was monitored monthly from(More)
For 50 years, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has developed practical solutions to the world's greatest challenges. As we celebrate this milestone, CSIS scholars continue to provide strategic insights and bipartisan policy solutions to help decisionmakers chart a course toward a better world. CSIS is a bipartisan, nonprofit(More)
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