James McIntosh

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Slip training is gaining popularity as an innovative fall intervention approach. The objective of this study was to compare the efficacy of two different slip training modality (moveable platform and virtual reality) in reducing fall frequency and improving reactive recovery in older adults. Thirty-six healthy older adults were involved in a laboratory(More)
Recent reports have indicated the need to improve the diversity in the dental profession's workforce. The enrollment of underrepresented minority students in the nation's dental schools must increase to accomplish this goal. A complex change process within the dental schools is required to prepare schools to enroll a more diverse student body. While each(More)
Kessler k6 psychological distress scores are analyzed using a count model and item response theory (IRT) models are applied to the items which produce the k6 score and generate an alternative distress score, θ* . Other ways of utilizing the constituent items are also examined. The data used in the analysis comes from the 2014 National Survey of Drug Use and(More)
Objectives The general aim of this study was to evaluate general practitioners' perceptions, knowledge and experiences regarding medicines' cost and subsidy in New Zealand. Methods A quantitative cross-sectional study, with postal questionnaires , was conducted to survey 700 New Zealand general practitioners (GPs) registered with the Medical Council of New(More)
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