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We aim to quantify and relate the dominant dynamic factors of GnRH signals and of the resultant patterns of LH release from pituitary cells. Using perifused sheep cells we have already shown that rising edges of GnRH pulses are major effectors of LH release and that a longer absence of signal between pulses improves response. This study reports the effects(More)
The teeth of many fish, amphibia, and reptiles are attached to the alveolar bone via ankylosis. In contrast, mammalian periodontia are characterized by a gomphosis, an attachment of the tooth root in the alveolar bone socket via periodontal ligament fibers. Among the reptiles, the crocodilians are the only group featuring a gomphosis-type connection between(More)
1. Three forms of the zinc-containing enzyme carbonic anhydrase (EC were isolated from the erythrocytes of the rat and two forms from the dorsolateral prostate of the rat. Several additional minor components were observed but not isolated. Separation of the isoenzymes was achieved by ion-exchange chromatography, polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW As alternative medicine gains popularity in the US, a greater understanding of the proven benefits and detriments of the supplements commonly used is needed by physicians. Chemoprevention through the use of supplements or dietary means is one example. Through epidemiological studies, it is clear that there is variation in the geographic(More)
Determination of blood serum levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) are used to detect the day of the midcycle surge. This information, collected over several menstrual cycles of numerous women, is used to derive mathematical expressions relating the day of the surge to the length of the cycle. The equations are subsequently employed to predict the most likely(More)
AIMS To describe the nature and extent of exposure to drugs in a sample of pre-teenage children and to examine some of the factors that might be associated with it. PARTICIPANTS AND DESIGN A survey of 1202 10-12-year-old children based on a questionnaire administered in schools under examination-type conditions. FINDINGS A third of the children reported(More)
Developing tooth enamel is formed as organized mineral in a specialized protein matrix. In order to analyze patterns of enamel mineralization and enamel protein expression in species representative of the main extant vertebrate lineages, we investigated developing teeth in a chondrichthyan, the horn shark, a teleost, the guppy, a urodele amphibian, the(More)