James McIntosh

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The sequence of the wheat mltochondrial gene for cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) predicts a hydrophoblc protein of 524 amlno acids that shows strong similarity to those of maize (99% nucleotide identity), soybean (94%) and Oenothera (93%). Nine of the 30 nucleotide differences seen between the wheat and maize COI genes (arrowheads) lead to amlno acid(More)
Our aim was to determine whether release of LH and FSH can be controlled differentially by the characteristics of applied signals of stimulatory gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) alone, free of the effects of steroid feedback or other influences from the whole animal. The outputs of both gonadotrophins were significantly correlated (r approximately(More)
The wheat mitochondrial gene for apocytochrome b (CYB) has been identified by its hybridization to a yeast CYB probe and its nucleotide sequence has been determined. The wheat CYB sequence predicts a cytochrome b apoprotein of 398 amino acids; it is almost identical to that of maize but has ten additional amino acids at the carboxy terminus. No introns are(More)
Inflammation of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can alter behavioral responses such as food intake and mobilize stress hormones. The hypothesis of this study was that food intake and diurnal corticosterone analysis can be used as indicators of adjuvant-induced TMJ inflammation. Groups of rats received adjuvant or no injections at the beginning of the(More)
The teeth of many fish, amphibia, and reptiles are attached to the alveolar bone via ankylosis. In contrast, mammalian periodontia are characterized by a gomphosis, an attachment of the tooth root in the alveolar bone socket via periodontal ligament fibers. Among the reptiles, the crocodilians are the only group featuring a gomphosis-type connection between(More)
Determination of blood serum levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) are used to detect the day of the midcycle surge. This information, collected over several menstrual cycles of numerous women, is used to derive mathematical expressions relating the day of the surge to the length of the cycle. The equations are subsequently employed to predict the most likely(More)
Hydrogen peroxide and heat are two components of a technique commonly used to bleach human teeth. The effects of these two components on pulp tissue of dog teeth were evaluated histologically. Hydrogen peroxide alone or with heat caused obliteration of odontoblasts, hemorrhage, resorption, and inflammatory infiltration, while heat alone was not detrimental.(More)
Using Danish register and survey data, we examine the effect of a national graded return-to-work program on the probability of sick-listed workers returning to regular working hours. During program participation, the sick-listed worker works fewer hours and receives the normal hourly wage for the hours worked and sickness benefit for the hours off work.(More)
Inositol phosphates are produced in ovarian follicles of Xenopus laevis on activation of endogenous acetylcholine receptors, which also stimulates Ca2+ release and efflux of Cl- ions detected electrophysiologically. Inositol phosphates were not detectable on activation of endogenous angiotensin II receptors which did, however, stimulate both a(More)