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The sequence of the wheat mltochondrial gene for cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) predicts a hydrophoblc protein of 524 amlno acids that shows strong similarity to those of maize 1 (99% nucleotide identity), soybean 2 (94%) and Oenothera 3 (93%). Nine of the 30 nucleotide differences seen between the wheat and maize COI genes (arrowheads) lead to amlno(More)
The wheat mitochondrial gene for apocytochrome b (CYB) has been identified by its hybridization to a yeast CYB probe and its nucleotide sequence has been determined. The wheat CYB sequence predicts a cytochrome b apoprotein of 398 amino acids; it is almost identical to that of maize but has ten additional amino acids at the carboxy terminus. No introns are(More)
We aim to quantify and relate the dominant dynamic factors of GnRH signals and of the resultant patterns of LH release from pituitary cells. Using perifused sheep cells we have already shown that rising edges of GnRH pulses are major effectors of LH release and that a longer absence of signal between pulses improves response. This study reports the effects(More)
Inositol phosphates are produced in ovarian follicles of Xenopus laevis on activation of endogenous acetylcholine receptors, which also stimulates Ca2+ release and efflux of Cl- ions detected electrophysiologically. Inositol phosphates were not detectable on activation of endogenous angiotensin II receptors which did, however, stimulate both a(More)
Vitamin D-dependent calcium-binding protein (CaBP) was localized in tissue sections of kidneys from rabbits, rats, and chicks using antiserum specific for chick intestinal CaBP. In rabbit kidney, CaBP was present in all cells of the distal convoluted tubule and most cells of the connecting tubule. Fewer, but still a majority, of the cells of cortical(More)
cp27 is a novel gene involved in early vertebrate development that features a distinct protein localization pattern in developing tooth organs. During initial tooth development, CP27 was detected at the epithelial-mesenchymal interface of dental lamina stage tooth organs. At later stages of tooth development, CP27 was localized in the stellate reticulum,(More)
Radioactive carnitine, in the form of L-[methyl-3H]carnitine, was administered intravenously to male rats and the specific radioactivity of carnitine in blood plasma and 13 tissues was measured for 16 days. There was no evidence of metabolism of carnitine to other compounds. A compartmental analysis was made by comparing the variation with time of the(More)
While responses to angiotensin II have previously been induced in Xenopus laevis oocytes after injection of messenger RNA extracted from mammalian tissue, no endogenous responses of ovarian tissue to this hormone have been reported. Here we describe such an endogenous dose-dependent response to angiotensin II, detected by conventional electrophysiological(More)