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This paper proposes a set of fiscal indicators to assess rollover risks using the conceptual framework developed by Cottarelli (2011). These indicators provide early warning signals about the manifestation of these risks, giving policymakers the opportunity to adjust policies before extreme fiscal stress events. Two aggregate indices are calculated: an(More)
In this paper, we describe CSIRO Data61's participation in the Geolocation shared task at the Workshop for Noisy User-generated Text. Our approach was to use ensemble methods to cap-italise on four component methods: heuristics based on metadata, a label propagation method, timezone text classifiers, and an information retrieval approach. The ensembles we(More)
  • LARRY JEGLEY, DAVID B. BOGARD, +5 authors Nicole G. Berner
  • 2001
(a) A person commits sodomy if such person performs any act of sexual gratification involving: (1) The penetration, however slight, of the anus or mouth of an animal or person by the penis of a person of the same sex or an animal; or (2) The penetration, however slight, of the vagina or anus of an animal or a person by a body member of a person of the same(More)
We report a case of bilateral infero-medial orbital wall destruction, associated with loss of sinonasal architecture. The patient presented with intermittent horizontal diplopia following an acute on chronic infective sinusitis. Eight months previously the patient had developed a midline hard palate fistula for which a palatine prosthesis had been fitted.(More)
We present a computationally efficient algorithm that can be used to generate all possible brane tilings. Brane tilings represent the largest class of superconformal theories with known AdS duals in 3+1 and also 2+1 dimensions and have proved useful for describing the physics of both D3 branes and also M2 branes probing Calabi-Yau singularities. This(More)
We study spin relaxation in n-type bulk GaAs, due to the Dyakonov–Perel mechanism, using ensemble Monte Carlo methods. Our results confirm that spin relaxation time increases with the electronic density in the regime of moderate electronic concentrations and high temperature. We show that the electron-electron scattering in the non-degenerate regime(More)
This paper analyzes the effects of a move to a funded pension system in a small unionized economy. Using an overlapping-generations framework we show that a reform towards a funded pension system may result in lower levels steady state of employment and capital stock. Moreover we show that the possibility of a Pareto improving transition to a funded system(More)