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This paper proposes a set of fiscal indicators to assess rollover risks using the conceptual framework developed by Cottarelli (2011). These indicators provide early warning signals about the manifestation of these risks, giving policymakers the opportunity to adjust policies before extreme fiscal stress events. Two aggregate indices are calculated: an(More)
In this paper, we describe CSIRO Data61's participation in the Geolocation shared task at the Workshop for Noisy User-generated Text. Our approach was to use ensemble methods to cap-italise on four component methods: heuristics based on metadata, a label propagation method, timezone text classifiers, and an information retrieval approach. The ensembles we(More)
Introduction Punishment, according to Jeremy Bentham, ought to possess an attribute of proportionality. In fact, he offered thirteen rules for determining that proportion within An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation. Of those rules, two of them (rules five and six) specified that punishment should not be excessive and, by implication,(More)
We study spin relaxation in n-type bulk GaAs, due to the Dyakonov–Perel mechanism, using ensemble Monte Carlo methods. Our results confirm that spin relaxation time increases with the electronic density in the regime of moderate electronic concentrations and high temperature. We show that the electron-electron scattering in the non-degenerate regime(More)
  • Antonis Adam, Thomas Moutos, Panos Hatzipanayotou, James McHugh, Spyros Vassilakis
  • 2005
This paper analyzes the effects of a move to a funded pension system in a small unionized economy. Using an overlapping-generations framework we show that a reform towards a funded pension system may result in lower levels steady state of employment and capital stock. Moreover we show that the possibility of a Pareto improving transition to a funded system(More)
Social media has become an important communication platform for all kinds of organisations, ranging from government departments to companies. When using social media, organisations are often keen to maximise engagements from their target audiences, that is, create posts to which their audience will react by, for example, replying, retweeting or liking. In(More)
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