James McGrath

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Progress in the emerging areas of science and technology, such as bio- and nano-technologies, depends on development of corresponding techniques for imaging and probing the structures with high resolution. Recently, the far field diffraction resolution limit in the optical range has been circumvented and different methods of super-resolution optical(More)
Hyperhomocysteinemia adversely affects fundamental aspects of fetal development, adulthood, and aging, but the role of elevated homocysteine levels in these birth defects and adult diseases remains unclear. Mouse models are valuable for investigating the causes and consequences of hyperhomocysteinemia. We used a phenotype-based approach to identify mouse(More)
The fidelity of chromosomal segregation during cell division is important to maintain chromosomal stability in order to prevent cancer and birth defects. Although several spindle-associated molecular motors have been shown to be essential for cell division, only a few chromosome arm-associated motors have been described. Here, we investigated the role of(More)
We compare the effectiveness of two types of verbal protocol, concurrent think aloud vs. retrospective sense making, for evaluating the usability of a clinical decision support tool. Thirty-five medical and nursing students participated in a usability experiment. Participants were asked to complete seven tasks using the system under evaluation. Eighteen(More)
Regional outcomes of national health policies are difficult to forecast. This is partly due to a lack of realistically complex models that can be used to appraise policy options and partly a lack of accessible and adaptable tools that can be used to simulate the consequences of policy decisions. These barriers might be overcome by exploiting the(More)
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