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—We describe a broad class of problems, called " uncompromising problems, " characterized by the requirement that solutions must perform optimally on each of many test cases. Many of the problems that have long motivated genetic programming research, including the automation of many traditional programming tasks, are uncompromising. We describe and analyze(More)
Language can impact emotion, even when it makes no reference to emotion states. For example, reading sentences with positive meanings ("The water park is refreshing on the hot summer day") induces patterns of facial feedback congruent with the sentence emotionality (smiling), whereas sentences with negative meanings induce a frown. Moreover, blocking facial(More)
CONTEXT Therapeutic exercises are frequently prescribed to patients with low back pain. Numerous exercise programs for patients with low back pain have been described. Many of these treatment programs are based on 1 of 2 popular rehabilitation strategies: a motor control exercise approach or a general exercise approach. DATA SOURCES PubMed clinical(More)
UNLABELLED Restricted hip mobility has shown strong correlation with various pathologies of the hip, lumbar spine and lower extremity. Restricted mobility can consequently have deleterious effects not only at the involved joint but throughout the entire kinetic chain. Promising findings are suggesting benefit with skilled joint mobilization intervention for(More)
CONTEXT Injury to the low back can cause significant pain and dysfunction, which can affect an athlete's performance and result in time lost from sport. A common conservative treatment is therapeutic core stabilization exercises, which can address pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction in patients with low back pathology. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION MEDLINE and(More)
BACKGROUND The charity 'Health Partnership Nepal' is committed to both improving global health care and providing medical training links between Nepal and the UK. This paper analyses data gathered at rural health camps. AIM To describe the demographics, diagnoses and treatments offered to people attending three rural health camps in Nepal during 2009.(More)