James Masanz

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Videographers have developed an art of conveying events in video. Through choices made in cinematography, editing , and post-processing, effective video presentations can be created from events recorded with little or no intrusion. In this paper, we explore systems that bring videography to situations where cost or time issues preclude application of the(More)
A review of published work in clinical natural language processing (NLP) may suggest that the negation detection task has been "solved." This work proposes that an optimizable solution does not equal a generalizable solution. We introduce a new machine learning-based Polarity Module for detecting negation in clinical text, and extensively compare its(More)
The number of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools and systems for processing clinical free-text has grown as interest and processing capability have surged. Unfortunately any two systems typically cannot simply interoperate, even when both are built upon a framework designed to facilitate the creation of pluggable components. We present two ongoing(More)
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