James Mariadason

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Omental infarction is a rare cause of acute abdomen that until recently was diagnosed only on exploratory surgery for presumed acute appendicitis or similar abdominal emergency. The increasing use of high-quality imaging, especially computerized tomography, in the diagnosis of appendicitis and the acute abdomen, has allowed preoperative diagnosis to be made(More)
We studied 324 patients admitted to Harlem Hospital Center from July 1981 to June 1986 with stab wounds of the thoracoabdominal region (area limited by a coronal circle through the fifth interspaces anteriorly and seventh interspaces posteriorly from above to a subcostal circle 5 cm caudad to the costal margins and 12th ribs from below). We divided this(More)
From May 1985 to February 1986, high-frequency B-mode real-time ultrasound examinations proved helpful in localizing bullets that were not palpable externally in the extremities and body wall of six patients. Of these, four patients had bullets removed successfully with the ultrasonically guided needle puncture technique. The entire procedure was carried(More)
Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in the USA. Intestinal malrotation diagnosed in adulthood was, until recently, a very rare phenomenon. While patients may present with intestinal obstruction or abdominal pain, the diagnosis is now often made as an incidental finding by computed tomography (CT). Surprisingly we found only seven case reports of(More)
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