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Time-series classification (TSC) problems present a specific challenge for classification algorithms: how to measure similarity between series. A shapelet is a time-series subsequence that allows for TSC based on local, phase-independent similarity in shape. Shapelet-based classification uses the similarity between a shapelet and a series as a(More)
A three-dimensional computer reconstruction of a plaice Pleuronectes platessa otolith is presented from data acquired by the Diamond Light synchrotron, beamline I12, X-ray source, a high energy (53-150 keV) source particularly well suited to the study of dense objects. The data allowed non-destructive rendering of otolith structure, and for the first time(More)
Dysbindin is known to (a) bind ß-dystrobrevin in postsynaptic densities in a number of brain areas, and (b) be a component of the biogenesis of lysosome-related organelles complex 1 (BLOC-1). Reduced levels of dysbindin have been identified presynaptically at hippocampal formation sites lacking ß-dystrobrevin in schizophrenia cases. This suggests a role for(More)
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