James Maida

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Robotic operations performed in earth orbit face unique challenges. In the case of the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM), a two-armed robotic device, operations can last multiple orbital days, with dynamic sunlit days and very dark nights. Direct and indirect visibility can be difficult. This project developed and tested the use of augmented(More)
INTRODUCTION The posters and presentations included in this discipline area actually represent two distinct intellectual traditions. Behavior and performance (B&P) has traditionally been concerned with the development of empirically based scientific principles that identify the environmental, individual, group, and organizational requirements for long-term(More)
The effects of a pressurized suit on human performance were investigated. The suit is known as an Extra-Vehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) and is worn by astronauts while working outside their spacecraft in a low earth orbit. Isolated isokinetic joint torques of three female and three male subjects (all experienced users of the suit in 1G gravity) were measured(More)
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