James Madrid

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In the decerebrate cat during static or slowly varying (less than 0.3 Hz) muscle stretches, the activity of muscle spindle (MS) pairs was poorly correlated and such correlation was not changed after ventral root sectioning. With slightly faster sinusoidal stretches (0.3-20 Hz) activity in pairs of MS was also poorly correlated. However, sectioning of the(More)
Low intensity (1-20 micro A) intraspinal stimulation produces in the sural nerve of the anesthetized cat short latency responses (3-4 ms) due to antidromic activation of fibers conducting in the A range (43-65 m/s). With higher stimulus intensities (up to 400 micro A) late responses (120-250 ms latency) may also be recorded. Simultaneous recording from two(More)
1. In the unanesthetized spinal cord of the cat, simultaneous intracellular recordings were made from two motoneurons belonging to the gastronemius motor nucleus. 2. Supramaximal iterative stimulation of small branches of the gastrocnemius nerve produced monosynaptic EPSPs (Ia EPSPs) of varying amplitude superimposed on a fluctuating base line. 3. In most(More)
1. In the unanesthetized spinal cord, conditioning stimulation of low-threshold afferents (below 1.3 times threshold strength) in the biceps semitendinosus (BST) nerve often reduced the peak amplitude of the monosynaptic Ia EPSPs evoked in gastrocnemius motoneurons without affecting the monosynaptic component of the EPSPs evoked by stimulation of the(More)
The occurrence of placental lactogens has been reported for members of 4 orders, 7 families, and 15 genera, while its absence has been documented in representatives from 4 orders, 5 families, and 5 genera. Placental lactogens from several genera have been isolated, purified, and characterized biochemically. The cellular sites of production and patterns of(More)
A method is presented allowing direct and continuous estimation of the excitability changes of single fiber terminal arborizations within the central nervous system. In essence, the method measures the current required to maintain a preset antidromic firing probability of the unit under study. This implies operation in a closed loop system controlled by a(More)
Insulin-like growth factor-II/mannose 6-P (IGF- II/M6P) receptor is released from cultured cells and tissues in a soluble form that retains its affinity for IGF-II. To test the possibility that soluble receptor can therefore modulate the activity of IGF-II, we determined the effect of purified soluble receptor on DNA synthesis in cultured rat hepatocytes(More)
Five legumes including chick pea (Cicer arietinum Linn), pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan Linn. Huth.), black bean (Phaseolus vulgaris Linn), mung bean (Phaseolus areus Roxb) and white bean (Phaseolus vulgaris Linn) were cooked and tested for blood glucose response among healthy human volunteers. The blood glucose response to all legumes was significantly lower(More)