James MaKinster

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In this paper we describe the sociotechnical structures of the Inquiry Learning Forum (ILF), a Web-based professional development tool designed to support a community of inservice and preservice mathematics and science teachers creating, sharing, and improving inquiry-based pedagogical practices. Founded in our previous research and consistent with our(More)
One of the primary challenges facing designers today is how to design curric-ular innovations that are appealing and useful to teachers and at the same time bring about transformative practices. While we as a learning sciences community are relatively adept at facilitating innovative case examples, we need more empirical work that examines how curricular(More)
1 1 Conceptual Change through building computational models ABSTRACT The Virtual Solar System Course (VSS) described in this paper is one of the first attempts to integrate three-dimensional (3-D) computer modeling as a central component of an introductory undergraduate astronomy course. Specifically, this study considered the impact on undergraduate(More)
Collaborations. Please do not duplicate without permission of the authors. 1 We wish to thank the ILF design team for making this paper possible. The members of the ILF design team are: This was a collaborative paper where each author contributed significantly to the use of the ILF and in the conceptualization of how the ILF was integrated into our(More)
3 ABSTRACT The purpose of this work is to explore learning and instruction within a project-based technology-rich fifth grade science classroom. Specifically, students worked in teams using three-dimensional (3-D) modeling software to construct 3-D models of the Earth-Moon-Sun system. For this study, naturalistic inquiry was used to build a holistic account(More)
About the CRLT The CRLT has as its mission to promote and support a community of scholars dedicated to research on the design, use, and implementation of technology to improve learning. Three primary themes underlie the work at the Center: • research that contributes to the development of new pedagogical models for continuing professional development in the(More)
In this manuscript, we describe student use of an on-line modeling tool within an environmental science curriculum that enables students to test the effects of various environmental variables on ground-level ozone levels. This study examines student construction of inscriptions within a pre-service science classroom and their subsequent use of related(More)
The present study was undertaken to determine the magnitude of relationship between the white space responses (S) on the Rorschach and ego strength, as determined by Barron's Ego Strength Scale. Correlations between the white space response (S) and conformity, as measured by the conformity scale of the Jackson Personality Inventory, and S and self-esteem,(More)
The present study was conducted to assess the relationship between hostility and white space responses on the Rorschach. The Rorschach was administered individually to 80 volunteer students on the university campus. 71 subjects were undergraduates and 9 were graduates. The mean age for the group was 24 yr. Among the males, 19 were white and 4 were(More)
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