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SPARC: Mass Models for 175 Disk Galaxies with Spitzer Photometry and Accurate Rotation Curves
We introduce SPARC (Spitzer Photometry & Accurate Rotation Curves): a sample of 175 nearby galaxies with new surface photometry at 3.6 um and high-quality rotation curves from previous HI/HalphaExpand
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The small scatter of the baryonic Tully-Fisher relation
In a LCDM cosmology, the baryonic Tully-Fisher relation (BTFR) is expected to show significant intrinsic scatter resulting from the mass-concentration relation of dark matter halos and theExpand
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Three candidate clusters around high redshift radio-loud sources: MG1 J04426+0202, 3C 068.2, MS 1426.9+1052
We present near-infrared observations of the environments around three radio-loud sources (MG1 J0442+0202, 3C 068.2, and MS 1426.9+1052) at redshifts z=1.10,1.57, and 1.83 (respectively), that areExpand
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