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High Risk Tasks for Musculoskeletal Disorders in Agricultural Field Work
Agricultural work involves heavy physical exertion and is characterized by evidence of high rates of musculoskeletal disorders. Currently ergonomics is a low priority for injury and illnessExpand
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Powdery Mildew Severity as a Function of Canopy Density: Associated Impacts on Sunlight Penetration and Spray Coverage
Variable canopy densities and associated differences in sunlight distribution within the fruit zones on clusters were quantified and correlated with variable severities of powdery mildew withinExpand
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Ergonomics in Agriculture: Workplace Priority Setting in the Nursery Industry
Although agriculture is generally recognized as the nation's most hazardous industry and displays high rates of musculoskeletal disorders with evidence to suggest that ergonomic risk factors areExpand
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Priority Risk Factors for Back Injury in Agricultural Field Work
ABSTRACT With support of a NIOSH Community Partners grant, the authors reviewed data from three cooperating vineyard companies in Napa and Sonoma Counties, finding both high rates of evidence ofExpand
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Enhancing the Precision and Spatial Acuity of Point Quadrat Analyses via Calibrated Exposure Mapping
Modeling canopy sunlight environments requires precise measurements of biomass distribution and photon flux distribution (PFD). However, customary methods for obtaining these measurements are limitedExpand
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Glycosylated Aroma Compound Responses in ‘Riesling’ Wine Grapes to Cluster Exposure and Vine Yield
Concentrations of aroma precursor compounds in ‘Riesling’ wine grapes (Vitis vinifera) are reported to correlate with fruit zone cluster exposure, although optimal cultural influences with respect toExpand
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Improving vineyard sampling efficiency via dynamic spatially explicit optimisation
Background and Aims:  Environmental variables within vineyards are spatially correlated, impacting the economic efficiency of cultural practices and accuracy of viticultural studies that utiliseExpand
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Training System and Vine Spacing Impact Vine Growth, Yield, and Fruit Composition in a Vigorous Young ‘Noiret’ Vineyard
An experimental vineyard was planted in Geneva, NY, in 2007 to determine the impact of training system [low bilateral cordon with vertical shoot positioning (LVSP), high wire bilateral cordon (HWC)],Expand
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Comparison of Platform versus Ladders for Harvest in Northern California Pear Orchard
A self-propelled platform (Argiles AF-8) was tested in four mature ‘Bartlett’ pear orchards in Lake County, California in 2006 and 2007 to address productivity, post-harvest quality, ergonomics andExpand
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Harvesting aids for reducing ergonomics risk factors in wine grape hand harvesting.
Three wine grape harvesting aids for reducing ergonomics risk factors in hand harvest operations were designed and tested. These included a smaller picking tub with add-on grip enhancements, aExpand
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