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Events That Increase Uncertainty in Personal Relationships II Replication and Extension
Events that change relational knowledge were investigated because they have theoretical implications for uncertainty reduction and relational cognition and they have important consequences in termsExpand
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Imagined Interaction Conflict-Linkage Theory: Explaining the Persistence and Resolution of Interpersonal Conflict in Everyday Life
Conflict is a pervasive feature of human existence. There are anger management courses and popular books giving advice on dealing with unruly people. Imagined interaction (II) conflict-linkage theoryExpand
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Although communication and uncertainty reduction are almost thought to go hand-in-hand, it is possible for communication to increase uncertainty if new information is inconsistent with priorExpand
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Imagined interaction as an element of social cognition
The notion of “imagined interaction”; is introduced as part of the social cognition process. Imagined interactions serve several functions including rehearsal for anticipated encounters. Results of aExpand
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Imagined interactions.
Social scientists have been studying imagined interactions since the mid-1980s and have measured numerous physiological correlates (Honeycutt, 2010). In this commentary I assess the research reportedExpand
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Listening Competence in Initial Interactions I: Distinguishing Between What Listening Is and What Listeners Do
The impressions we form of others during initial interactions are powerful. These impressions are a product of various implicit theories — mental representations of people and actions. This articleExpand
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An Analysis of the Correspondence between Imagined Interaction Attributes and Functions.
Imagined interaction (II) theory has been productive for communication and social cognition scholarship. There is, however, a yet untested assumption within II theory that the 8 attributes areExpand
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Imagined Interaction, Conversational Sensitivity and Communication Competence
This research explores the relationship between imagined interaction dimensions [1], conversational sensitivity dimensions [2], and communication competence [3]. Results of a study reveal features ofExpand
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Cognition, Communication, and Romantic Relationships
Contents: Overview. The Modern-Day Pursuit of Intimacy and Relational Memory Structures. Schemata, Scenes, and Scripts for Romantic Relationships. Memorable Messages, Prototypes, and RelationalExpand
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