James M. Yokley

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We evaluated the relative impact of four procedures designed to encourage parents to obtain immunizations for their children. In a public health setting, the families of 1,133 immunization-deficient preschool children were randomly assigned to six conditions: (a) a general prompt; (b) a more client-specific prompt; (c) a specific prompt and increased public(More)
Prior literature suggests that length of stay (LOS) on medical inpatient units is increased by the coexistence of depression and physical illness. The present study examined 532 psychiatric inpatient admissions to determine if physical illness increased LOS for patients grouped by diagnostic categories of psychosis, depression, personality disorder, anxiety(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous research has shown that hospital length of stay among medical patients is significantly increased by comorbid mental illness, in particular depression. However, few studies have examined the length of stay effect of comorbid physical and mental illness among psychiatric patients. METHOD The present study examined the effect of comorbid(More)
In order to survive severe funding reductions, community mental health centers (CMHCs) have implemented a number of systems-level interventions that attempt to minimize the impact of budget cuts on treatment effectiveness. The present study focused on ways to maintain the effectiveness of clinical assessment while lowering the assessment cost. The present(More)
The outcomes and costs of 6 different methods of motivating therapists to meet service delivery goals at a community mental health center for children and adolescents were evaluated over a 5-year period. The costs and cost-savings benefits of each motivational method were compared with each other and with two baselines. Four incentive interventions(More)
Social Responsibility Therapy (SRT) aims to increase socially responsible behavior, decrease harmful, abusive behavior and address contemporary issues in harmful behavior-specific treatment. SRT combines evidence-based interventions that use different methods and pathways to increase intervention intensity and therapeutic pressure towards positive change.(More)
In his newest book, Dr. Breggin provides his insights on the nature of Guilt, Shame, and Anxiety across 32 chapters in three sections; Understanding Negative Legacy Emotions, Achieving Emotional Freedom, and Freedom to Love. He proposes a unified theory of Negative Legacy Emotions (i.e. Guilt, Shame, Anxiety) from a vantage point akin to that of(More)
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