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The binding of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions to commercially available and easily synthesizable metallochromic indicators has been systematically examined at pH 7.35, temperature 37 degrees C, ionic strength 0.16, the conditions of blood plasma. The pCa and pMg midpoints of the colour changes of all the useful indicators are reported. In addition to the well-known(More)
The Ocean Engineering Division at the Naval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Center RDT&E Division (NRaD) has developed and fielded two successive untethered, supervisory controlled UUV systems: a prototype, and an improved model. These robotic vehicle systems were part of the Advanced Unmanned Search System (AUSS) program which had its genesis in the(More)
Throughout lactation, maternal body temperature, nest attendance, activity level and reproductive success of solitary female Djungarian hamsters housed at the recommended ambient temperature of 23 degrees C (Canadian Council on Animal Care guidelines) were compared with those of paired females housed at the same temperature and with solitary females housed(More)
The primary advantage of untethered underwater systems is freedom from cables. Tethered systems benefit from realtime human control based upon immediate information received from the remote vehicle. This paper describes a well-proven system which has the advantages of both, and proposes that the concepts utilized therein offer exciting new possibilities for(More)
Several lines of evidence suggest tha Ca2+ ions control cell proliferation: Ca2+ entry into cytoplasm acts as a general mitogen; serum and serum-replacements induce Ca2+ influx; the Ca2+ concentrations in growth media required to support the proliferation of normal cells are much higher than those required for cancer cells; serum and growth factors reduce(More)
Thrombosis is a major complication of central venous access devices, its incidence depending on material, diameter, tip position, and tip surface. Catheters are usually cut to the appropriate length for accurate positioning. Cutting is not recommended, however, as rough surfaces can serve as a nidus for thrombosis. The present study was performed to assess(More)
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