James M. Stock

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[1] Africa-North America-Eurasia plate circuit rotations, combined with Red Sea rotations and new estimates of crustal shortening in Iran define the Cenozoic history of the Neotethyan ocean between Arabia and Eurasia. The new constraints indicate that Arabia-Eurasia convergence has been fairly constant at 2 to 3 cm/yr since 56 Ma with slowing of(More)
[1] Spreading in the Adare Basin off north-western Ross Sea (43–26 Ma) and extension in the Victoria Land Basin (VLB, > 36 Ma) are used to constrain the pole of rotation for the Adare Basin, providing a rifting model for the region for the past 45 Ma. The offset from Northern Basin to VLB at about 74 S coincides with the linear Polar-3 magnetic anomaly,(More)
The microchannel plates for the detectors in the SUMER 1 and UVCS 1 instruments aboard the Solar Orbiting Heliospheric Observatory 1 (SOHO) mission to be launched in late 1995 are described. A low resistance Z stack of microchannel plates (MCP's) is employed in a detector format of 27mm x 10mm using a multilayer cross delaff line anode (XDL) with 1024 x 360(More)
Sonobuoys provide an alternative to using long streamers while conducting multi-channel seismic (MCS) studies, in order to provide deeper velocity control. We present analysis and modeling techniques for interpreting the sonobuoy data and illustrate the method with ten overlapping sonobuoys collected in the Ross Sea, offshore from Antarctica. We demonstrate(More)
[1] Past plate motion between East and West Antarctica along the West Antarctic rift system had important regional and global implications. Although extensively studied, the kinematics of the rift during Eocene-Oligocene time still remains elusive. Based on a recent detailed aeromagnetic survey from the Adare and Northern Basins, located in the northwestern(More)
A unique example of a clinically unsuspected large parasellar meningioma is described in a 36-yr-old pituitary giant who had been treated initially with conventional irradiation, subsequently by surgical excision of an acidophil adenoma, and ultimately with medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) prior to his demise. The patient died of increased intracranial(More)
[1] Extension during the middle Cenozoic (43–26 Ma) in the north end of the West Antarctic rift system (WARS) is well constrained by seafloor magnetic anomalies formed at the extinct Adare spreading axis. Kinematic solutions for this time interval suggest a southward decrease in relative motion between East and West Antarctica. Here we present multichannel(More)
The absorption of L-thyroxine (T(4)) and L-triiodothyronine (T(3)) and the fractional rate of conversion of T(4) to T(3) were determined from the turnover rates of T(4) and T(3) in seven patients without endogenous thyroid function during separate treatment periods with these iodothyronines. Serum T(3) concentration was measured by a radioimmunoassay(More)
We present a catalog of accurate epicenter coordinates of earthquakes located in the Gulf of California (GoC) in the period 2002-2014 that permits us to analyze the seismotectonics and to estimate the depth of the seismogenic zone of this region. For the period April 2002 to December 2014 we use body-wave arrival times from regional stations of the(More)