James M Simmons

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In rats with electrodes in the medial forebrain bundle, the upper portion of the function relating the experienced magnitude of the reward to pulse frequency was determined at currents ranging from 100 to 1,000 microA. The pulse frequency required to produce an asymptotic level of reward was inversely proportional to current except at the lowest currents(More)
Lesions in the medial forebrain bundle rostral to a stimulating electrode have variable effects on the rewarding efficacy of self-stimulation. We attempted to account for this variability by measuring the anatomical and functional effects of electrolytic lesions at the level of the lateral hypothalamus (LH) and by correlating these effects to postlesion(More)
Uremic children, including those on chronic hemodialysis, often exhibit mild lassitude, are wasted, and do not grow well. The absolute volumes of the total body water and extracellular fluid compartments of children compared with adults are small, necessitating strict dietary limitations of protein, sodium potassium and water. Observed cell mass is low and(More)
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