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Characteristics common to top­rated audit shops help to shed light on the nebulous concept of adding value. THE DEFINITION OF "VALUE ADDED" CAN VARY considerably from one audit department to the next. For many practitioners, this phrase describes audit work that helps management improve the business, rather than assignments that simply verify compliance(More)
OBJECTIVE To devise a quantitative aesthetic model for the eyebrow arch position (EAP) in women. METHODS Full-face frontal magazine photographs of 100 fashion models published between January and July 2001 were analyzed. Apparent EAP relative to a line through the medial canthus parallel to the midline was compared with eyewidth (EW). A similar comparison(More)
Executive Summary This book argues that evaluating the corporate culture is an internal audit best practice and gives practical examples of how this can be done. To make the case that evaluating the corporate culture is a best practice, we need only look at the long history of major business frauds and failures. Root cause analysis leads inevitably to the(More)
An unusual case of a cutaneous collision tumor comprised of a squamous cell carcinoma and an apocrine carcinoma occurring in the auricle of an 82-year-old man is presented. Microscopic study confirmed 2 distinct tumors: a squamous cell carcinoma arising in the epidermis and an adjacent apocrine carcinoma. We discuss the diagnostic criteria and review(More)
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