James M. Rimmer

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The sea urchin sperm-specific histones H1 and H2B are multiply phosphorylated in spermatids, dephosphorylated in the final stages of spermatogenesis to give mature sperm, and rephosphorylated upon fertilization. Phosphorylation in spermatids, and probably at fertilization, occurs at repeated -Ser-Pro-X-Basic-motifs in the distinctive N-terminal basic(More)
We surveyed 579 recreationists regarding management of the threatened, beach-dwelling Hooded Plover Thinornis rubricollis. We postulated that: (1) lower awareness of the species and higher 'inconvenience' of management would engender less favourable perceptions of conservation and management; and (2) that frequency of beach use and dog ownership may mediate(More)
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