James M. Naessens

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OBJECTIVE The aims of this study were to analyze the natural history of patients with pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP), evaluate clinical and pathologic variables as prognostic indicators, and review the authors' experience with different treatments. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA PMP is an unusual form of intra-abdominal neoplasm that presents with large amounts of(More)
A short test of mental status (encompassing about 5 minutes) was administered to 93 consecutive neurologic outpatients without dementia, 67 outpatients with Alzheimer-type dementia, and 20 outpatients with dementia of miscellaneous causes. The mean scores for patients with Alzheimer-type dementia were lower than those for the nondemented patients in the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Much of the available data on stroke occurrence, service use, and cost of care originated with hospital discharge abstracts. This article uses the unique resources of the Rochester Epidemiology Project to estimate the sensitivity and positive predictive value of hospital discharge abstracts for incident stroke. METHODS The Rochester(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the compliance with diabetes care performance indicators by diabetes specialists using a diabetes electronic management system (DEMS) and by those using the traditional paper medical record. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A DEMS has been gradually introduced into our subspecialty practice for diabetes care. To assess the value of this(More)
One hundred thirty-two patients with biopsy-proven systemic amyloidosis underwent echocardiographic examination to define the spectrum of cardiac involvement. Echocardiographic abnormalities were then correlated with clinical variables and survival at follow-up. Patients were subgrouped by left ventricular wall thickness: Group I, mean wall thickness 12 mm(More)
Experience with prolonged mechanical ventilation has improved over recent years. Retrospective analysis of the records of 104 patients older than 16 years of age who were mechanically ventilated for more than 29 days over a 29-month period from May 1986 to October 1988 revealed the following findings. The mean patient age was 66.3 +/- 15.7 years (SD). The(More)
Controversy continues as to whether traumatic brain injury is a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. The authors examined a related hypothesis that among persons with traumatic brain injury who develop Alzheimer's disease, time to onset of the disease is reduced. They used data on all documented episodes of traumatic brain injury that occurred from 1935 to(More)
BACKGROUND Screening mammography is recommended for early detection of breast cancer but screening rates remain suboptimal. METHODS A primary care portal for a large academic primary practice was developed for all preventive services. Another Web-based system (PRECARES [PREventive CAre REminder System]) was developed for appointment secretaries to manage(More)
Infected lower extremity bypass grafts have been associated with high rates of limb loss. Traditionally treatment has included graft excision. To compare aggressive local treatment, without graft removal, with more conventional graft excision, we reviewed 38 consecutive patients with 39 infected lower extremity bypasses treated during the last 10 years. The(More)