James M Mixson

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The purpose of this study was to describe the prevalence of decayed, missing, and filled teeth among federal male prisoners (aged 21-75) in the US Penitentiary. Leavenworth, Kansas, and to assess the impact of age, race, number of years incarcerated, and number of visits to the prison dentist on these parameters of oral health. Inmates (n = 191) were(More)
Investigators differ on the use of a two-surface or multiple-surface scoring methodology in sectional microleakage studies. This study compared microleakage scores using both two-surface and multiple-surface scoring methods for two preparation types and two different dentin bonding agents. Twenty freshly extracted molars each received one box-shaped and one(More)
To assess the effect of different rinse volumes and air and water pressures on shear enamel-composite resin bond strength, the buccal surfaces of 384 maxillary molars were prepared through 600-grit silicon carbide, gel-etched, and rinsed with one of 24 randomly assigned test conditions: 0, 2, 5, 10, 15, or 25 ml volume wash with air and water syringe(More)
High expectations may contribute to stress in the patient and dentist during dental treatment. Esthetic and restorative results can be predicted for laminate veneers by using a powder blower and a liquid dispenser preoperatively to form self-cured resin veneers. Trial veneers are formed in a precision "salt and pepper" technique that conserves materials and(More)
Studies have shown that cavity design and dentinal bonding agents can affect composite resin microleakage. This study compared the microleakage at cementum-dentin margins of box- and Vshaped preparations restored with two different bonding agents. Twenty freshly extracted, human third molars were prepared with one box-shaped and one V-shaped preparation on(More)
This cross-sectional study compared the periodontal health and clinical acceptability of maxillary incisors restored with porcelain veneers vs. porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. The authors evaluated 60 patients, a total of 120 restorations, in groups according to the age of the restorations (zero to 60 months). Margins of veneers were generally more(More)
This paper reviews the oral health history of President Eisenhower from his early years as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Tank Corps to the last years of his life. It includes first hand accounts of his oral care when President, provides evidence that his periodontitis stabilized after he quit smoking, documents the destructive effects of his parafunctional(More)
PURPOSE To describe the dentin surface morphology of abrasion/erosion lesions and to chemically characterize in vivo samples of sclerotic dentin. MATERIALS AND METHODS Baseline polyvinylsiloxane impressions of eight in vivo caries-free lesions were taken. Dentin was collected from retention grooves for FTIR photoacoustic spectroscopic analysis. The cavity(More)