James M. Metz

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Claw health was examined in an observational study on Dutch dairy farms with either a slatted floor (SL), slatted floor with manure scraper (SL-SCR), solid concrete floor (SCF), a straw yard (SY), or a zero-grazing feeding system (ZG). Hooves of cows' hind legs were examined for the presence and severity of claw disorders during hoof trimming events at the(More)
PURPOSE Complementary and alternative medicine use is prevalent in both healthy and oncologic populations. However, few data exist to quantify complementary and alternative medicine initiation specifically after cancer diagnosis. This study evaluated patients' complementary and alternative medicine usage patterns, reasons, and general perceptions after(More)
PURPOSE Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinomas (IHC) are rare tumors for which large randomized studies regarding the use of radiation are not available. The purpose of this study was to examine the role of adjuvant and definitive radiation therapy in the treatment of IHC in a large group of patients. METHODS AND MATERIALS This is a retrospective analysis of(More)
PURPOSE Studies describing the use of the Internet by radiation oncology patients are lacking. This multi-institutional study of cancer patients presenting to academic (AC), community (CO), and veterans (VA) radiation oncology centers was designed to analyze the use of the Internet, demographic factors related to utilization, and barriers to access to the(More)
OBJECTIVE Peer-to-peer interactions are associated with enhanced psychosocial adjustment among women with breast cancer. Millions of women with cancer and others with various health conditions use the Internet to establish peer relationships, usually without professional moderation. This paper reports findings from the first randomized, controlled study of(More)
Records of cattle slaughtered at two Chilean slaughterhouses (SLH1 and SLH2) were used to determine prevalence and risk factors for carcasses with bruises. Bruise prevalence amounted to 12.3% but differed between slaughterhouses (20.8% for SLH1 and 8.6% for SLH2 respectively). Bruise severity grade 1 (mild) was most frequently recorded. The type of the(More)
BACKGROUND Studies with questionnaires have suggested that many cancer patients utilize unconventional medical therapies (UMT). There are few data evaluating directed questions about the use of UMT. This study was performed to determine if careful directed questioning about UMT reveals a higher rate of utilization compared to standard history and physical(More)
PURPOSE Extrahepatic cholangiocarcinomas (EHC) are rare tumors of the biliary tree because of their low incidence, large randomized studies examining radiotherapy (RT) for EHC have not been performed. The purpose of this study was to examine the role of adjuvant and palliative RT in the treatment of EHC in a large patient population. METHODS AND MATERIALS(More)
Studies of bruises, as detected on carcasses at the slaughterhouse, may provide useful information about the traumatic situations the animals endure during the pre-slaughter period. In this paper, we review scientific data on the prevalence, risk factors and estimation of the age of bruises in beef cattle. Risk factors such as animal characteristics,(More)
PURPOSE A previous phase I trial of i.p. photodynamic therapy established the maximally tolerated dose of Photofrin (Axcan Pharma, Birmingham, AL)-mediated photodynamic therapy and showed encouraging efficacy. The primary objectives of this phase II study were to determine the efficacy and toxicities of i.p. photodynamic therapy in patients with peritoneal(More)