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Numerous studies have proposed a next-generation Multi-Mission Phased Array Radar (MPAR) network in the USA. However, most of these have focused on either the S-band or the X-band exclusively. With a high importance being placed on the multi-mission aspect of the MPAR project, a singleband network would be problematic in providing a replacement for the four(More)
The progression of phased array weather observations, research, and planning over the past decade has led to significant advances in development efforts for future weather radar technologies. However, numerous challenges still remain for large-scale deployment. The eventual goal for phased array weather radar technology includes the use of active arrays,(More)
That was what we all were thinking in January 2014 in Belgium. Instead of having cold and cleaning up some snow, we were wearing short-sleeves and light jackets. Nature got confused. Very unusual...For the first time, no white Christmas 2013 in Gävle, Sweden. But, many states in the U.S. were freezing. Very exceptional...40 degrees Celsius in Monterey,(More)
tion play a vital role in early warning of severe weather. For example, the annual impacts of adverse weather on the U.S. national highway system and roads are staggering: 7,400 weather–related deaths and 1.5 million weather–related crashes [1]. In addition, US$4.2 billion is lost each year as a result of air traffic delays attributed to weather. Research(More)
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