James M. Kraushaar

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This paper examines undergraduate student use of laptop computers during a lecture-style class that includes substantial problem-solving activities and graphic-based content. The study includes both a self-reported use component collected from student surveys as well as a monitored use component collected via activity monitoring “spyware” installed on(More)
A prototyping development method is presented here which as the potential to reduce the growing application development backlog. Prior research and our findings indicate that a prototyping process can assist in the efficient development of application systems by breaking a complex problem into several comprehensive parts. A state-transition model of the IS(More)
The total property market value for a taxing district is used to: distribute federal, state, and county taxes; apportion joint school district tax levies; limit taxing and borrowing powers. This total market value cannot be calculated by simple summing the individual property values as listed on the local assessment roll because assed values may or may not(More)
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