James M. DeLeo

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Controversy exists regarding the clinical utility of pleural fluid pH, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), and glucose for identifying complicated parapneumonic effusions that require drainage. In this report, we performed a meta-analysis of pertinent studies, using receiver operating characteristic (ROC) techniques, to assess the diagnostic accuracy of these(More)
Computed transverse axial tomography (CT) was employed to examine brain morphometrics in 30 healthy men, aged 21 to 81 years. Seven consecutive CT slices 30 to 80 mm above the inferior orbitomeatal line were analyzed. CT numbers in gray and white matter regions were not correlated significantly with age (p greater than 0.05), nor were right/left ratios for(More)
We derived an Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Score (ARDS Score) from previously described training set data. To validate its diagnostic accuracy for identifying a complicated course (early death or prolonged intubation) in acute lung injury, 50 patients were prospectively scored using an ARDS Score decision threshold of > or = 2.5 to discriminate(More)
A portable, patient-interactive computerized system for obtaining medication histories is described. A comprehensive interview script modeling pharmacist-conducted medication-history interviews was written in lay language. The script contains sections on demographics, current medical conditions, medication regimen, medication compliance, symptoms, allergy(More)
Artificial neural networks (ANNs), computer paradigms that can learn, excel in pattern recognition tasks such as disease diagnosis. Artificial neural networks operate in two different learning modes: supervised, in which a known diagnostic outcome is presented to the ANN, and unsupervised, in which the diagnostic outcome is not presented. A supervised(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a comprehensive list of symptoms categorized by body system as part of a questionnaire for detecting potential adverse drug reactions. DATA SOURCES A preliminary list of symptoms in lay terminology was extracted from the "Side Effects" section of all drug monographs contained in the United States Pharmacopeia Dispensing Information(More)
A computer-assisted method was employed to estimate the amounts of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), white matter, and gray matter in individual computerized tomography (CT) scans of brains. By means of an image processing procedure (DMORPH), the means +/- SD CT numbers of "pure" CSF, white matter, and gray matter were determined in each scan and stored. A CATSEG(More)
The clinical accuracy of diagnostic tests commonly is assessed by ROC analysis. ROC plots, however, do not directly incorporate the effect of prevalence or the value of the possible test outcomes on test performance, which are two important factors in the practical utility of a diagnostic test. We describe a new graphical method, referred to as a(More)