James M Cahill

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Displays commonly used for testing heading judgments in the presence of rotations are ambiguous to observers. They can be interpreted equally well as motion in a straight line while rotating the eyes or as motion on a curved path. This has led to conflicting results from studies that use these displays. In this study, we tested several factors that might(More)
Extreme introverted and extroverted subject groups (n = 24 each) containing equal numbers of male and females were assessed with the P300 (P3) component of the event-related potential (ERP). A two-tone auditory discrimination task in which the probability of the target stimulus varied systematically in different conditions (.20, .40, .60, .80) was used to(More)
The development of health education materials for pregnant women involves the work of knowledgeable and experienced health professionals, writers, editors, and artists. Frequently, these materials are also extensively reviewed by various experts and organizations prior to publication. Even with all this expert input and review, however, they can miss the(More)
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