James M. Borger

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This is a foundational account of the étale topology of generalized Witt vectors and of related constructions. The theory of the usual, “p-typical” Witt vectors of p-adic schemes of finite type is already reasonably well developed. The main point here is to generalize this theory in two different ways. We allow not just p-typical Witt vectors but also, for(More)
Let A be a complete discrete valuation ring with possibly imperfect residue field, and let χ be a one-dimensional Galois representation over A. I show that the non-logarithmic variant of Kato’s Swan conductor is the same for χ and the pullback of χ to the generic residual perfection of A. This implies the conductor from “Conductors and the moduli of(More)
Past research has indicated a relationship between degree of unilateral usage of body parts and right-left discrimination skills. Further evidence for such an association was sought by comparing the scores of hemiplegic persons of limited intelligence on a test of rather advanced righ-left discrimination skills devised by the authors to those earned by a(More)
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