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Green Plants in the Red: A Baseline Global Assessment for the IUCN Sampled Red List Index for Plants
This study provides a baseline assessment from which trends in the status of plant biodiversity can be measured and periodically reassessed and gives, for the first time, an accurate view of how threatened plants are across the world. Expand
Serbia’s Sandžak Under Milošević: Identity, Nationalism and Survival
Sandžak has the largest Muslim Slav (Bosniak) community in the Balkans outside Bosnia–Herzegovina. In 1990, Sandžak Bosniaks organized a branch of the Party of Democratic Action (Alija Izetbegović’sExpand
Citizen meets social science: predicting volunteer involvement in a global freshwater monitoring experiment
It is suggested that intrinsic motivation may be important for predicting volunteer retention after training and the number of samples collected subsequently and there is an urgent need to better understand the factors that drive volunteer retention and engagement. Expand
Habsburg Sarajevo 1914: A Social Picture
South America : a Lonely Planet shoestring guide
This comprehensive guidebook travels the length and breadth of the continent from the Darien Gap to Tierra del Fuego, and includes Easter Island, the Galapagos Islands and the Falklands (IslasExpand