James Lucas

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A significant proportion of the atmospheric pollution that exists particularly in urban areas arises from road vehicles and primarily cars. The European Commission (EC) have introduced a series of regulations, the so called EURO Emission directives from Euro I in 1991 to the present day Euro IV. This legislation and similar ones in other global regions have(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of an intraoral appliance, the Innsbruck Sensorimotor Activator and Regulator (ISMAR), in improving drooling and eating skills in a group of children with cerebral palsy, and to determine which factors might indicate good candidates for this type of treatment. Eighteen children (13 males, five(More)
The complication of intestinal haemorrhage in a patientwithmeningococcal septicaemiais described. The patientpresentedwithhaemodynamic instability associated with melaena within an intensive care unit. Upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy and angiography failed to localise the source of bleeding. At laparotomy, an isolated small bowel lesion was(More)
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